Immune MIX

  • About :
    To help to maintain a healthy immune system.
  • Contains :
    Contains Echinacea (been proven to increase the immune response to disease), garlic and citrus.
  • Dose :
    15g per day
  • Price :
    R312 for 500g

Use this:

  • Your horse is frequently exposed to foreign pathogens
  • During epidemics eg. African Horse Sickness or flu outbreaks
  • When moving stable yards or going to a lot of events


  • This is a nutritional product and is not meant as a substitute for veterinary products or advice.
  • Stop using  immediately if your pet shows any sign of an adverse reaction.

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Immunity 101. How this immune booster for horses works.

Your horse’s immune system can be “compared to a totalitarian state”, says Ian Tizard, author of the book, Veterinary Immunology, An Introduction. “Foreigners are expelled and citizens who behave themselves are tolerated, but those who ‘deviate’ are eliminated” he continues.

A “foreigner” entering your horse’s body is called an antigen. This is anything that elicits an immune reponse – eg. bacteria, viruses, parasites. An immune response is the police force, identifying and protecting the body from the antigen. (This is sounding a bit xenophobic, I know, but it makes the point.)

How does the immune system get rid of the antigen?

  1. It must identify the antigen as foreign.
  2. It must launch the immune response.This is done by cells called lymphocytes.
  3. It must destroy it – either using cells (such as neutrophils or macrophages) or antibodies (mostly Immunoglobulins).
  4. It must remember the antigen, so that the next time it is exposed to the same antigen, the response will be faster and more efficinent. (This is how vaccines work.)

When is the immune system compromised?

Many things can compromise this delicate system. When that happens, pathogens can enter your horse’s body and make him sick. According to Glen Gamble DVM, compromise of the immune system is almost always caused by one of these three things: stress, nutrition or age.


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19 comments on Immune MIX

  1. zaghra says:

    hi. I have a 4 year old horse that rubbed her tail an mane off been trying lots stuff to get her mane to grow back. I was reading about the immune mix and hoping that it will work treating from inside out. Do i have to get my horse tested or can i go straigh into using the immune mix

    • Beryl Shuttleworth says:

      Zaghra, it is worth trying. Also try Chamomile ointment externally. Testing, however, does help, because then you know exactly what you are dealing with. Let me know what you decide. And good luck. :)

  2. Regina Rogotzki says:

    Hi. Can immune mix help a 18 yrs old mare with cushing syndrome?

  3. Marilee Sykes says:

    Hi, I have a head shaker, do you think any of your products will help with that. He is a 20 yr old Thb and is a really good horse except for the head shaking. Which really only becomes a problem in the summer hot months.

    Thank you, Marilee

    • Beryl Shuttleworth says:

      Hi Marilee. There are two possible reasons for head shaking. One is irritation with flies, midges etc. This is most probably your boy’s problem as it is seasonal. All I can suggest there is a fly spray of some sort or perhaps to ride him in a fly fringe. The other reason (less common) is a deficiency of magnesium or thiamine. In this case, I can help you – Calm mix contains both of these. Good luck.

  4. Helen says:

    The Immune Mix for horses has done wonders for my mare with an itchy skin. For the first time in 3 years, she has a mane & tail so I am absolutely delighted!

  5. Jess says:

    A friend of mines horse a few months ago.. very suddenly started loosing her tail… she has no tail left now… and shes already used one mix of Immune mix.. and says theres no change,,, they’ve dipped the tail, washed her with anti tick and flee shampoo and dewormed her.. should she keep up with the immune mix? or do you have any other ideas? maybe the digestive mix as well?

    • Beryl Shuttleworth says:

      Hi Jess. There are so many different things that losing tail hair could be. Could be an allergy, in which case the Immune mix could be. Could be Selenium toxicity – have you changed his feed recently? Could be a fungal infection – this will need an ant-fungal cream or wash. Or stress. Or sweet itch. Or mange or ringworm. the list goes on! Maybe get a vet to do a skin scraping and send to a lab. Then at least you know what you are dealing with. And good luck! Beryl.

  6. Mel says:

    Will this work to aid in fighting off greasy heel, in conjunction with external treatment of course?

    I’ve had my horse for almost a year now, and when he first arrived, he had a severe case of greasy heel on all four feet, and I’m STILL struggling to get rid of it completely. It’s “nearly” there but it seems like there is just that “special ingredient” missing, and I think it’s a supplement to aid healing from the inside-out…

  7. Donne says:

    Hi Beryl
    I have had an on going problem now (4 weeks) with my horse getting Urticaria. These hives are often taken away by use of cortesone injected by my vet which could cause to be problematic. We have no idea what causes these hives as all aspects of his everyday life have been re-assessed. We changed his paddock, cut tree’s down that produced pollen, changed his food and even taken away his roughage (oathay) and put him onto Lucerne. I am desperate to find a solution to this problem and wondered if your Immune Mix would help my horses problem with his lumps / hives and just generally boost his immune system giving him the opportunity NOT to bring out this problem again…… Desperate!!!!

  8. Bianca says:

    Hi Beryl

    I have my tb mare on the ultimate mix and I am very happy. She is full of energy and in a great condition. Can I possibly use the immune mix in conjunction with the ultimate mix?

  9. Rebecca says:

    This product seems to have done the trick for my horse. He had scabs at the base of the mane, flaky skin at the side of his face and hardly any hair at the top of his tail when I got him. The scabs and flaky skin have all healed and there has been no reoccurence. His mane and tail are now also growing back nicely, and his coat is in a lovely condition.

  10. Sarah says:

    My 28 year old horse has been on immune mix for about a year now, and the difference it has made is very noticeable. I originally put him on it for sweet itch at the end of last winter, and although he didn’t completely stop scratching, he does it much less, and I suspect it has now become a pleasurable habit! . At the end of last winter, he had lost weight, and his coat was scruffy and dull. This winter, he has maintained his weight very well, and is now losing his winter coat to a glossy summer coat underneath it. Thanks for a product that actually works.

  11. Cathy says:

    He is looking superb, he has calmed down alot and his character is starting to take on a whole new shape of its own, he is now very responsive and very vocal at dinner time, he knows now that the minute the back door opens at 5pm it time for him to start his little sing along with my anglo arab African Sky for their dinner, it is too sweet for words, his coat is looking fabulous, his feet are improving in leaps and bounds and his gut health has really made a massive turnaround since he has been on your products. My local vet cannot understand how he has made such an increadible recovery soo quickly and when I told him he was aghast. Now all we need to concentrate on is getting him to trust us enough to get back into the horsebox after his last horrific ordeal. SO hold fingers for us…

  12. Kimberley says:

    I am really pleased with the Immune Mix I bought a little while ago. I have only been using it for 4 weeks but have noticed a great difference in his coat. His mane and tail are growing back alot faster.


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